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Let's go Spacespotting!



Use our search to find your perfect space easily. And if you have any doubts we'll be here to help you.



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Why SpaceSpot?


Incredibly easy

It’s the no-nonsense approach to finding your perfect space. And if you need advice, our experts are here to help.


Completely online

You can use Spacespot to agree the terms of your lease and even sign documents, so you’ll only need to move when you decide to visit a space.


It's free!

It costs you nothing because the landlords pay us for their listings. The price you negotiate will be the price you pay.

Who are we?

Spacespot is the place for finding, negotiating and signing for your next office space. We are powered by the largest real estate services firm in the world: CBRE, so whatever your question on space, we will know the answer.

Whether you’re looking for conventional office space or coworking desks for your employees, we have it covered. And if you have any questions at any stage, our experts are here to help you.


Office space

If you are looking for a longer lease period, you might be better off with a traditional lease agreement. You will then have access to your own exclusive space through the length of the lease term. The term will most often require a minimum of a few years, depending on rent and customization of the space. But then the space is yours and you may personalize it with your company branding.


Coworking space

If you require more flexibility, one of the different coworking options might be a good alternative. Coworking covers both renting single desks, and also exclusive private offices. The main difference is that you don’t sign a lease agreement, but enjoy a monthly rolling membership. You can then easily flex the size or number of desks you need.

Not sure what you need?

Standard office spaces are recommended for stable headcount - when you want to own your own space, fit it out your own way and you want longer lease terms. Coworking spaces are right for you when you need flexibility in terms and required space. You can modify the terms to match your need if your headcount changes or when other requirements arise.
With hot desks you choose where you sit among the available seats. Fixed desk space means that your desk is your own, always the same, allowing you to add any decorations you wish. Serviced office is a private office you can lease as your own space and fill it with people up to the maximum capacity.
The most common range is 10-20 sq.m per employee. The lower end of that range will allow you to accommodate mostly an open bench seating layout, while the higher end will make space for common areas, meeting rooms and private offices.
If you need further help our advisors are here to help. Contact us
Coworking space rates usually include fully equipped common areas. Internet connection will be included, but some providers may place a cap on the amount of internet usage you have available.
Other services are usually available on a pay-as-you-need basis: private meeting rooms, business services, catering…

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© 2021 All rights reserved.